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Registering for CPD Fest 2021 couldn’t be more straightforward. We have three packages for you to choose from – 8 hours, 16 hours and 24 hours of CPD – allowing you to customize the event to your own specific needs.  Once purchased, pick ‘n’ mix the topics of most interest and relevance to you from any of the sessions running across the week of CPD Fest 2021.

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Event Details:

Session 1: Time Management for Busy Accountants – Improving Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness

Time: 09:00 – 10:40
Speaker: Des O’Neill – OmniPro  

The ONE Thing that all accountants have in common is that there are just not enough hours in the day. This fast paced and active session looks at how you can create at least 30 minutes a day giving you more time and space in your role. Whether you consider yourself highly effective or maybe things are a bit stressful right now. This webinar will get you not only thinking but moving. 

In this session Des O’Neill will be covering the following topics; 

  • The Overview – What are your Priorities – It’s not just about managing time! 
  • Introducing the Accountants’ Time System 
  • A 2500 Year Old Proverb that can be practically applied – Early to Bed and Early to Rise 
  • The 10 Time Habits of Successful People 
  • It is not about knowing, thinking and wishing. It is about implementing, action and learning. 

In this session you will be provided with not only the knowledge, learning and the insights but the tools you need to take action and make the changes you want. 

Session 2: Building The Self Managing Firm

Time: 11:00 – 12:40 
Speaker: Des O’Neill – OmniPro 

The last 2 years have been tough. No matter who you are, or where you are, it has been tough.  

In this action packed 2 hour session we are going to look at what we can learn from the last 2 years to make the next 2 years better.   

  • What do we need to keep that was working really well for us from before Covid.  
  • What has changed during Covid 19 that is good and something that we want to keep and evolve? 
  • What is going to be different and what do we need to embrace and change in the next 2 years? 

We are going to work through the 6 Core Areas that drive every accounting business. Whether you are a sole practitioner or multi-partner firm. Or whether you are a new firm looking to avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls or a long established firm that is thinking about possible exit. This model, this process and this event will give you some practical ideas and insights that will make 2022 a more profitable, less stressful more successful year for your accounting business.   

  1. The challenges firms face in setting and executing a strategy that will actually work and how to practically overcome that; 
  2. The core strategy that will help all firm owners manage the business they have while building the business they want; 
  3. Overcoming the famine of people and resources that Irish firms are currently experiencing; 
  4. Clarifying the type of customers you want to serve and how you want to serve them; 
  5. Defining and refining your service proposition and pricing model to create a profitable and manageable business; 
  6. Developing an appropriate system for growth that is right for you, to grow your ideal clients that you want to serve at the price point you want to serve them; 
  7. Scaling and leveraging your business to the size and profitability that is right for you and your life; 
  8. What do accounting businesses look like in 2025, and what changes should we make and what actions can we take today to build a self-managing firm of the future.  

Session 3: How to Price and Negotiate for your Accountants Firm

Time: 13:40 – 15:20  
Speaker: Terry Harmer – NLC Training  

In this session Terry Harmer will be covering the following topics: 

  • Price Cost & Other Objections 
  • Overcoming Objections 
  • Handling Interruptions 
  • Answers To Price Objections 
  • Negotiation 
  • The Variables  
  • The Agreement Space 
  • There’s Always an If 
  • Recognising Buying Signals 
  • Getting Orders  
  • 6 Different Ways to Close the Deal 

Session 4: An Accountants Introduction to Marketing

Time: 15:40 – 17:20   
Speaker: Terry Harmer – NLC Training

In this session Terry Harmer will be covering the following topics; 

  • The importance of marketing for a small business 
  • The 8 P’s 
  • The SWOT analysis 
  • The PEST analysis  
  • Market research 
  • Primary / Secondary 
  • Quantitative & Qualitative 
  • Methods & approaches 
  • Market segmentation 
  • Profiling your customers 

CPD Course Facilitators

Des O'Neil - OmniPro

Having worked for a number of years in practice, Des O’Neill co-founded OmniPro to develop tools, techniques, products and services, empowering accountants to achieve their best. 

Over 15 years, he has grown the company to a multi-million-euro turnover business and established OmniPro as Ireland’s largest independent provider of CPD for accountants. 
Des speaks regularly, at national and international fora, on practice development, auditing, accounting, company law and regulation. He is passionate about bringing innovation to the profession and empowering accountants to achieve what they want in their careers and practice.

Terry Harmer - NLC Training

Terry Harmer is a Member of the Institute of Training & Development (MIITD), a Fellow of the Sales Institute of Ireland, (FSII), a Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, (MMII) Member / Qualification, is a Licensed Practitioner of NLP, (NLP Prac.), holds qualifications in Business Administration, a Certificate in Training & Continuing Education, (1st Class Honours, NUI Maynooth), ROI Impact, Measurement, (training on training evaluation and transfer of skills to the workplace)

Terry delivers City & Guilds and QQI certified courses and a portfolio of training programmes ranging from a half day to over a year in duration. He is on the Enterprise Ireland Mentor panel, and has been working and training with West Offaly Training and Offaly Local Development Company (West Offaly Partnership) since 2001

Terry Harmer has worked with 22 LEO’s (Formerly Enterprise Boards) since their inception around the country, delivering training on Sales, Marketing, Business Development, People and Management Skills. His engagements for those LEO’s have been with new and established businesses delivering training and operating as a mentor.

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