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Event Details:

Session 1: Financial Reporting for 2022

Time: 09:00 – 10:40
Speaker: Des O’Neill, Susan Hanan, Lindsay Webber – OmniPro  

The current accounting issues affecting Irish companies and their accountants that the OmniPro Team have encountered in the last 12 months. 

Topic 1 – COVID Year 2 and Brexit Year 1 – The Technical Impact  

  • Directors reports 
  • Post balance sheet events 
  • Impairments and fair value 
  • Going concern 
  • Key accounts notes and disclosures    

Topic 2 – Audit exempt accounts and practical current considerations under FRS 105 and S1.A FRS102  

Topic 3 – A glimpse of the future and what is coming down the line from a financial reporting perspective  

Topic 4 – Real Time Review of disclosures based on recent real life financial statements 

Session 2: Company Law and Co Sec

Time: 11:00 – 12:40 
Speaker: Des O’Neill, Sinead Gortland – OmniPro Corporate Consultants   

The top issues, opportunities and solutions that the OmniPro Corporate Consultants Team are seeing for Accountants and their clients; 

In this session Sinead Gortland will be covering the following topics; 

1. With recent updates to MLD5 it is more important than ever to ensure information on the Register of Beneficial Owners (RBO) is up to date and accurate      before a Company is in breach of their statutory duty to file.   

  • Register of Beneficial Ownership – The Law  
  • Who is a Beneficial Owner?  
  • How to identify a Beneficial Owner when one cannot be found?  
  • Discrepancies and Non-Compliance – 2021 Update  
  • RBO FAQ 


2. New Requirements of Trusts – A review of CRBOT 

  • What is CRBOT?  
  • Who is obliged to file?  
  • What is a beneficial owner?  
  • What information is required to file?  
  • Discrepancies and Non-Compliance  

3. Late Annual Return – What are my options? 

  • Why Seek 343 Application?  
  • What is the Process  
  • Tips for your affidavit  
  • S.343 Application FAQ  
  • Consequences of not seeking S.343 Application   

4.  Practical Company Secretarial Topic 

  • Do I need a bond for a Company with a UK Director?  
  • Tips on Forming a Company  
  • Common Mistakes when issuing Notices for AGMs and EGMS  
  • Company Register Maintenance   
  • Rectification of the Register with a B42A  

Session 3: Topical Tax Updates and Reminders

Time: 13:40 – 15:20  
Speaker: Des O’Neill, John Murphy – OmniPro Tax & Legal  

In this session John Murphy will be covering the following topics; 

  • Incorporation of businesses and selling through directors’ current accounts – Where are we now and the process? 
  • Share buybacks – a recap and view on professional companies 
  • Top 5 tax appeal cases which are relevant to most accountants in practice (the key points, lessons to learn) 

Useful reminders

  1. Ex-gratia payments – what is included when looking at the present value of future pension lump sums? 
  2. Tax implications of write off of loans in companies (ignoring close company issues) – A recap 
  3. Taxation of funds received from the state with regard to covid schemes  
  4. The importance of having a formal partnership between spouses – the risks if no formal partnership in existence.  

Session 4: General Law and Regulations  

Time: 15:40 – 17:20   
Speaker: Des O’Neill, Colm Owens, Sinead Gortland – OmniPro

The new regulations, legislation and issues impacting on Irish Accountancy Firms in 2021. 

In this session Colm Owens and Sinead Gortland will be covering the following topics; 

1. Companies (Rescue Process For Small and Micro Companies) Act 2021- SCRAP  

  • Features of SCARP  
  • The Process of SCARP  
  • SCARP vs Examinership  
  • Miscellaneous provisions  

2. Corporate Enforcement Bill  

  • History of the Bill  
  • Corporate Enforcement Authority  
  • Amendments to Companies Act 2014 – a review  

3. 5th Directive & RBO  

  • Updated AML requirements under MLD5  
  • Review of RBO in relation to AML  

4. Monitoring Update for Non-Audit Firms  

  • Review of the updated requirements for AML  
  • Overview of what is necessary for non audit files  

5. General Miscellaneous Review  

  • Solicitors negative interest rates & client monies  
  • Review of 2021’s Updated CPD Requirements  

CPD Course Facilitators

Des O'Neill - OmniPro

Having worked for a number of years in practice, Des O’Neill co-founded OmniPro to develop tools, techniques, products and services, empowering accountants to achieve their best. 

Over 15 years, he has grown the company to a multi-million-euro turnover business and established OmniPro as Ireland’s largest independent provider of CPD for accountants. 
Des speaks regularly, at national and international fora, on practice development, auditing, accounting, company law and regulation. He is passionate about bringing innovation to the profession and empowering accountants to achieve what they want in their careers and practice.

Susan Hanan - OmniPro

Susan is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and have over 25 years’ experience in professional services, with 14 years specialising in regulatory compliance.

She was a member of the senior management team and Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) at FinReg Global, an Irish fintech company. Prior to FinReg, she was Director in Regulatory at EY Ireland and a member of the Auditing and Assurance Committee (AAC) of Chartered Accountants Ireland. Prior to EY, she was an Inspector with Chartered Accountants Ireland for 10 years.

Susan is a people person and enjoy collaborating with others to achieve the best results.

Lindsay Webber - OmniPro Practice Support

As a member of our Practice Support team, Lindsay’s focus is on helping practices achieve on-going best practice compliance, prepare for monitoring visits and assist with post-monitoring visits follow-ups.

Lindsay is a qualified Chartered Accountant and trained with KPMG in Johannesburg. She has over six years external audit experience along with over six years academic experience specialising in Audit and Financial Accounting.

Sinead Gortland - OmniPro Corporate Consultants

Sinead is a key member of the OmniPro Corporate Consultants Technical Support team providing advice and support in relation to Company Law and Company Secretarial procedures.

In addition, Sinead is responsible for carrying out Section 343 applications to the District Court, Company Restorations, Annual Compliance, Company Conversions and Company Law Compliance.

Sinead joined OmniPro in 2016 and quickly became an integral member of our Company Secretarial team. She started off her career in OmniPro as part of our Company Formations team building up her experience and knowledge before eventually moving into Company Secretarial.

Sinead has a Masters Degree from Maynooth University.

 John Murphy - OmniPro Tax & Legal

As a lead member of our technical support team, John relishes problem-solving to help accountants develop innovative client solutions and sharing his technical knowledge on tax, financial reporting and auditing.

A Chartered Tax Adviser, he advises clients in practice on a range of issues from income tax, tax planning, restructuring to exit planning. In addition, he provides support on financial reporting, auditing and company law; conducts company valuations and advises on pre-sale restructuring.

John also plays a key role as a researcher and subject-matter expert in developing OmniPro information products such as the and As a speaker at OmniPro CPD events, he brings these industry-leading insights to accountants participating in our training programmes.

As a Chartered Accountant, John has over a decade’s Big 4 experience with EY and PwC, providing tax and audit services for a portfolio of clients, ranging in scale from SMEs to multinationals.

Colm Owens - OmniPro Practice Support

As a member of our Practice Support team, Colm’s focus is on helping practices achieve on-going best practice compliance, prepare for monitoring visits and assist with post-monitoring visits follow-ups.

Having spent the last 6 years as a quality reviewer with Chartered Accountants Ireland Colm has a unique insight into how firms operate, the challenges facing firms and how firms are responding to current issues facing them and the profession.

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