The Winter Taxation Essentials 2020 – Series 1

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Event Schedule:

Session 1: Succession or Sale - The Tax Considerations

This session will cover the following topics:

1. Exit Issues

  • Determining the Correct Tax Head
  • Tax Reliefs – Retirement Relief, Entrepreneur Relief, Buy-Back Treatment
  • Anti-Avoidance – Section 135 TCA 1997 and Buy-Back trips

2. Succession Issues

  • Tax Reliefs – Business Asset Relief and Agricultural Relief, CAT/CGT set off
  • Clawbacks – timing
  • Anti-Avoidance

3. Other Opportunities and Issues

  • Share Valuation – the Tax Rules
  • Share Schemes
  • Termination Payments
  • Funding Options


Speaker: Paula Keaney & Amanda Jayne Comyn – Doyle Keaney Tax Advisors


Session 2: A Review of Topical 2020 Tax Appeal Cases

The cases that reach the tax appeal commissioner are a must read for all accountants. These cases:

  • provide an insight into how the appeal commissioner comes to its conclusions and analysis’s the legislation and previous case law,
  • highlights revenue’s stance on various matters;
  • accumulates all case law and legislation into one manageable source, making it a key resource if a similar issue crosses an accountants desk.

This course will review the most relevant 2020 cases covering the majority of tax heads. The presenter will highlight the main points from each case and identify the lessons that can be learnt and what accountants should be aware of.  

Speaker: John Murphy – OmniPro

Session 3: Finance Bill 2020

Finance Bill 2020 is the legislation to give effect to the October budget headlines and, also more importantly for practitioners, the technical detail of items not mentioned in the budget. This seminar will provide the accountant with a detailed understanding of the bill and will enable them to advise their clients on its implications and any tax planning opportunities available or pitfalls to avoid.

  • Analysis of the main sections of Finance Bill 2020
  • Up to date review of the amendments between Finance Bill & Act
  • Overview of the main current individual and corporate reliefs and current timescales for claiming

Speaker: Paul Murphy – Martin J Kelly & Co

Session 4: Tax Compliance Round Up

This course is designed to provide the attendee with a round-up of current tax compliance issues including payroll, vat and corporation tax. It will also focus on the latest Covid-19 tax concessions and schemes as well as Revenue’s compliance activities in this area. 

  • Payroll taxes update including EWSS and TWSS reviews
  • Corporation tax compliance and reliefs including Covid-19 loss relief
  • Vat update
  • Update on Revenue interventions


Speaker: Paul Murphy – Martin J Kelly & Co

CPD Course Facilitators

Paula Keaney - Doyle Keaney Tax Advisors

Paula is a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) and a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA). She has over 18 years of experience in the tax practice having previously worked in Grant Thornton, Ernst & Young and Mazars.

Paula has lectured on various tax matters for the Irish Tax Institute, Chartered Accountants Ireland, Chartered Certified Accountants, The Law Society of Ireland and other professional bodies. She has also contributed articles to the Irish Tax Review.

Paula’s area of expertise is providing tax advice to high net worth individuals and owner managed businesses. She specialises in advising on property transactions, tax efficient succession planning, mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring.

Amanda Jayne Comyn – Doyle Keaney Tax Advisors

Amanda works with Doyle Keaney Tax Advisors and is a Barrister-at-law and a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA).

She has extensive experience in the field of tax having worked in leading legal firms and large accountancy practices, mostly recently as a tax partner with Philip Lee and prior to that as tax director with Grant Thornton.

Amanda’s expertise is in advising on the commercial and tax aspects of M&As and restructuring including shareholder matters.  She advises on corporate transactions havng considerable experience in mergers and corporate reorganisations.  She also advises individuals in estate and retirement planning, trusts, insolvency and all aspects of property transactions with specialised experience in stamp duty and stamp  duty  planning.

Amanda has an expanse of technical writing experience having authored and co-authored a number of publications including Bloomsbury’s Irish Law of Stamp Duty and the Irish Taxation Institute’s Corporate Transactions: Tax and Legal  Issues. 

In  addition to her publishing experience, Amanda contributes to the major professional journals and is a regular speaker at conferences in addition to being an active member of a number of committees and boards across a number of professional bodies.

John Murphy – OmniPro

As a lead member of our technical support team, John relishes problem-solving to help accountants develop innovative client solutions and sharing technical knowledge on tax, financial reporting and auditing.

A Chartered Tax Adviser, he advises clients in practice on a range of issues from income tax, tax planning, restructuring and exit planning to Revenue audits. In addition, he provides support on financial reporting, auditing and company law; conducts company valuations and advises on pre-sale restructuring.13 Dec

John also plays a key role as a researcher and subject-matter expert in developing OmniPro information products such as the and As a speaker at OmniPro CPD events, he brings these industry-leading insights to accountants participating in our training programmes.

A Chartered Accountant and Qualified Financial Adviser, John has over a decade’s Big 4 experience with EY and PwC, providing tax and audit services for a portfolio of clients, ranging in scale from SMEs to multinationals.

Paul Murphy – Martin J Kelly & Co

Paul Murphy is a taxation consultant and management accountant for Martin J. Kelly & Co. He is a corporation tax lecturer for the Irish Taxation Institute and is an Associate of both the Irish Taxation Institute and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Paul is a co-author of the Irish Taxation Institute’s annual publication, Irish Taxation Law and Practice.

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