Winter Taxation Essentials - Series 1

Registering for CPD Fest 2022 couldn’t be more straightforward. We have three packages for you to choose from – 8 hours, 16 hours and 24 hours of CPD – allowing you to customise the event to your own specific needs.  Once purchased, pick ‘n’ mix the topics of most interest and relevance to you from any of the sessions running across the week of CPD Fest 2022.

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Event Details:

Session 1: Topical Tax Cases – Recent Tax and other Decisions in 2022

Time: 09:00 – 10:40
Speaker: Brendan Twohig – MK Brazil 

There were a substantial number of tax cases in 2022 and some very interesting developments. This presentation is designed for the busy Practitioner as it will highlight some the more relevant and/or important issues and incorporate practical advice. Issues covered include;

  • Covid Cases – the inevitable claw back now things have settled
  • Employee v Sub-contractor – the saga continues
  • Travel & Subsistence – common sense tries to break through
  • “Old Reliables” – 4-year rules, S.997A, Earned v Paid etc
  • PPRR – a fresh but ultimately unsuccessful approach
  • CGT – allowable incidental costs
  • CAT – relevant business assets, farm houses etc
  • Anti-avoidance – surprises for the Revenue
  • VAT – Pet v Human food!

and much much more

Session 2: Topical Tax Issues – 2022 and Beyond

Time: 11:00 – 12:40 
Speaker: Brendan Twohig – MK Brazil 

This presentation will explore a variety of tax issues incorporating a health mix of Practitioner’s queries over the past 12 months and some of more nuanced but no less important items that advisors and their clients may find interesting. The topics to be explored include

  • The Kittel Trap – how unwary businesses carry the can for the sins of others
  • When is a Child not a Child – far more often than people realise
  • Share Schemes – the Revenue clamp down and what it means for Practitioners
  • S.604A – Update on the latest developments
  • Farmers – adhoc mix of persistent and unusual tax issues
  • VAT on Property – review of common problem areas
  • BIKs, Revenue Audits, Valuations……..etc

Below is a short excerpt from Brendan’s previous session covering share schemes. 

Session 3: Top 10 Tips on Welfare and PRSI

Time: 13:40 – 15:20  
Speaker: Brendan Casey – PRSI Consultant  

This session on “10 Tips on Welfare & PRSI” will include clarity on questions that I’m constantly getting from Accountants, in particular:

  • PRSI rules on rental income
  • Employments that are exempted from a PRSI charge and when
  • Why the client should become a Voluntary Contributor.

It’s important to review PRSI payments at this time of the year because if you don’t advise a PRSI refund request before 31st December the client will lose the refund for 2018 year! (Ends)

Session 4: 5 Ways to Unlock or Preserve Wealth for Families

Time: 15:40 – 17:20   
Speaker: Ian Reidy – Brewin Dolphin

Ian will use scenarios which show how ‘Financial Planning’ can be used to distribute wealth among family, both spouses and children. 

Of particular focus will be ‘Estate Planning’ and how death can have unintended consequences for a family’s wealth.

  • Some risks to family wealth when a business owner dies. – What can be done to mitigate the risks?
  • What planning opportunities arise when a spouse is included in the business?
  • “Where there’s a Will..” – The importance of updating Wills.
  • Passing Wealth onto 2nd and 3rd generation.
  • Section 72 – Is it a cost or an asset? Changing perspective on sheltering tax.

CPD Course Facilitators

Brendan Twohig - MK Brazil

Brendan Twohig is a Chartered Tax Consultant and has been working in the tax sector for over 20 years.

He joined the firm in 2006 having previously held key tax positions in both Irish and international firms. In addition to working with clients directly, Brendan also provides support consultancy services to other professional advisors and is a member of various consultancy and liaison groups.

Brendan is also a well known speaker and author on tax issues and regularly makes contributions to both local and national media, as well as to various trade journals.

Brendan Casey - PRSI Consultant

Brendan Casey has been practising as a lecturer and a PRSI Consultant since retiring from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection over 10 years ago.

Brendan advises on PRSI liability issues and is an expert on all of Welfare’s contributory benefit and pension schemes.

Ian Reidy - Brewin Dolphin

Ian joined RBC Brewin Dolphin in 2021, having previously worked with Goodbody Stockbrokers, Ulster Bank and AIB. Ian is a certified financial planner and registered stockbroker. He has over 20 years’ experience in wealth management. Providing advice to business owners and families, in the areas of investment, retirement, and estate planning.

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